Maja Zonjic Photojournalism


El Camino is Maja Zonjic's most recent work currently in production. It chronicles Zonjic's own, as well as explores other individuals' experiences while completing the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. In order to complete the most common traditional route, pilgrims walk 770 km from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France, to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. For some pilgrims, it is a solitary path, while for others, an adventure during which life-long friendships are made. To complete the project, Zonjic has completed the Camino herself in March 2013, and continued an extra 100 km to Finisterre.

Despite the permeation of technology connecting us more than ever before, many individuals find themselves to be increasingly more disconnected in contemporary societies. El Camino photographic series engages with the audience by asking, how far would you go to find yourself?

Please visit the site in September, 2013 for a selection of photographs.