Maja Zonjic Photojournalism


Maja-bioMaja Zonjic is a documentary photographer, an award-winning documentary film director, and a PhD Candidate in Film and Human Geography at the Victoria University of Wellington. As a first-generation immigrant from Croatia, her artistic concerns are largely influenced by her background, and predominantly focus on; the impact of globalization on coastal communities, environmental conservation and federal policies, the contemporary representation of war and conflict, as well as social injustice and women’s rights. In addition to English, she is fluent in Croatian and Spanish. She is currently directing a feature-length documentary film, Posctards from Utila.

Zonjic has exhibited her photographic work within Canada and internationally; most recently, in a solo exhibition entitled 'Postcards from Utila' at the Museum of National Identity (MIN) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Additionally, her films have been selected for screenings at the Beneath the Waves Film Festival, New York Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, Cor3 Festival, and the DOC NOW Documentary Media Festival. Zonjic has been published in Verge Magazine, Torontoist, Surface and Symbol, Red Flag Magazine, and Function Magazine amongst others. She is the recipient of the Victoria University Doctoral Scholarship, Ryerson University’s Inaugural MFA Social Justice scholarship, as well as a Canada Council for the Arts Travel grant. She has received several other scholarships, research grants, and awards; among them, 'Best Film' in the Endangered Ecosystems Category at the New York Wildlife Conservation Film Festival; 'Best Film' and 'Best Direction' at the 2013 Lost Episodes Film Festival; and the 2013 Canadian Film Centre REEL Challenge award for best animation. She is an avid motorcyclist, freediver, snowboarder, conservationist, and activist, and often volunteers her time and art in support of artistic, community, and conservation efforts globally.

Zonjic is available for both short and long-term projects. A recent CV is downloadable here. Please email for references or an additional commercial portfolio.